CoR Fantasy Arcanepunk LARP
CoR Fantasy Arcanepunk LARP
Live Action Role Playing

​Welcome to Chronicles of Rowanon

In a far off place, perhaps in your dreams, there is a world called Rowanon. The story of this world spins eternally, and you are the magic that makes it so. The story is there, waiting, but which way it will go is up to you.

Welcome! We have such a wonderful world to share with you. CoR is a Fantasy Arcanepunk LARP, short for Live Action Role Playing Game, that is based in New Jersey. Our players create characters, dress like those characters, and then become those characters at our three-day weekend events. LARPing is a great activity for all ages and walks of life, so grab your swords and your foam dart guns, and come join the fun! What role will you take? What challenges will you face? What riches will be your reward?

Welcome friends, both old and new, to Rowanon. Sit by our fire and hear our tales. Take with you what you will and know that you will always leave a part of yourself with us.

​Game Setting

Chronicles of Rowanon is a Fantasy Arcanepunk genre game. The world of Rowanon is home to a diverse mesh of steam-aether technology and high magic fantasy. There are elves and engineers. There are steamships and swordplay. There and gunfights and gorks! What is a gork, you ask? Explore and find out! Our lore book, rules guide, and items compendium can be found here.

 Rowanon is an amazing and enveloping world with many different cultures, people, and skill sets. There are quite a few gods meddling in the affairs of mortals. Races of all different types call Rowanon home. Kingdoms sway between diplomacy and war. Threats, both small and astronomical, must be met by the heroes of the world.

Our game takes place in the kingdom of Vorydia, the jewel of northern Rowanon. It is said that Vorydia is the center of the world. Fame, glory, riches, and prestige can all be found there. However, there are many dangers. The hallowed bastion of Vorydia attracts the attention of many enemies. Lethal denizens and sinister plots are as numerous as opportunities in Vorydia. All heroes are welcome and will have their mettle tested in earnest. The fate of Vorydia is in your hands.

The current in-game year is 508 A.S. (After Sunder). 

​About Chronicles of Rowanon, LLC

Chronicles of Rowanon is a LARP LLC business that runs events every other month in the state of New Jersey. CoR started in 2016, and is directed by a small group of Game Masters (GMs) We are a not-for-profit organization. CoR exists for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is for people to have fun playing characters in the world of Rowanon. All staff members and GMs are volunteers who willingly give up their time and energy in order for CoR to operate. However, our hard-working staff and GMs are also players. The event and food service fees that CoR charges are used to pay for camp rental, food, internet presence, paper stock and ink, props, and business costs such as liability insurance.

The CoR staff is dedicated to maintaining a family-friendly, inclusive, and safe environment where everyone is treated fairly. We also pride ourselves on making sure that everyone is treated with respect and dignity. We do our best to make our events accessible and inclusive for everyone. We ask that all of our players help us maintain this environment for the happiness and enjoyment of all. We gladly welcome and support all peoples from all walks of life who wish to LARP in safety and harmony with each other. Cheating, bullying, harassment, abuse, assault, bigotry, sexism, and racism will not be tolerated. While in-game drama and shenanigans are encouraged, out-of-game offenses against our code of conduct will be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly.  This we promise you. Our code of conduct and games rules are outlined in the CoR Rules Guide.

​Age Requirements

The minimum age to attend and play CoR is 7 years old. Children attendees who are between 7 and 13 years of age are known as Junior CoR players. Young adults who are between 14 and 16 are considered regular players, but must have their parent’s permission. Players who are over the age of 16 are considered to be old enough to attend events and play the game as a regular full combat player with no parental permission or chaperone required.  The specific age rules for attendance can be found using the following link.

Junior CoR & Minor Player Rules

​New Player Sign Up

If you are a new player, please fill out the form below and submit it before attending your first event. If you do not wish to submit online, you may fill out a paper form during check-in at your first event. For information on location and what you will need for your first event, click here. A new player form submission is required to attend any CoR events. If anything ever changes, such as contact information, dietary restrictions, or medical information relevant for event attendance, we encourage you to re-submit a new player form.

New Player Sign Up Form

​New Character Submission

So, you've checked out the lore and looked over the rules. You can't wait for the next event! You've turned in your new player form and you've got your character worked out. You can use the form below to submit your character to Logistics, and it'll be ready for you to play at the next event. If you need some help with creating a character, we are glad to help. You can either contact us, or you can wait to build your character at the event with a helpful staff member. 

You can have up to two active characters in our database, and play up to two characters at each event. If you choose to play both of your characters at an event, you will be asked to designate which is your main character and which is your “alt” character. We have rules in place for reworking characters and also retiring characters. 

You can either submit your character history on your new character form, or you can send it in later if you need more time to work on it. You can also send in updates or revisions if you need to. We strongly suggest that you take a look at the lore book before submitting a character history. 

New Character Submission Form
Character History Submissions